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Just wanted to get back to you to let you know that I have reviewed the resume and cover letter and think it’s wonderful, Pam thanks for your time/effort.

OH WOW! I love it. I still need to read again and again, but I just needed to say OH WOW!

My resume and cover letter is simply brilliantly done. Thank you so much.

I received the documents and they look great. By the way, my former boss may be interested in your services and I'm forwarding him your info.

Overall outstanding job in writing my resume and cover letter. I made two minor changes. Everything else looks fantastic. Thanks for all your hard work.

I just heard that I am a finalist for the Washington position!  I'm in the Top 5 of 91 applicants. Interview is scheduled for August 13.  Thanks for the great resume.

Thank you. It looks great. I appreciate your emphasizing value add instead of specific roles.

I am very happy with the end product. Thank you for your help in my progress.

Thanks Pam, I really appreciate you getting this done for me by this morning. You've done a fantastic job on both so thanks for all you effort. Just a couple of minor changes that I will take care of.

Pam…I have thoroughly reviewed the resume and cover letter you have provided.....and everything is looking great!  Other than a few very minor tweaks that I can make.....I see nothing that requires the two work products to be returned for revision.

Wow - I can't believe there is this much of a change - I really like it!

“I wanted to thank you for all your hard work and skill on my resume and cover letter. I just accepted a position with Verizon Wireless … it didn’t take long with the right document.”

Both the cover letter and resume are spectacular! I think this is the best cover letter I have ever read. The wordsmithing and presentation are outstanding. I will recommend your service to others.”

“I sent out a number of resumes and WOW is it getting results! I started getting responses within 3 hours of posting it and was contacted by a target company for an interview.”

“Thanks for the wonderful job you did on my resume. I’ve never been able to get all the experience on a resume in the concise way in which you’ve managed to do. “Your approach in organizing the materials and highlighting important points is excellent.”

“I wanted to let you know that I am excited about my career search and could not have done it without you!!  Thanks for taking my experience and creating the document I have wanted to see for some time.  I am very excited to use this resume to take the next step on my career path.”

“I was trying to get into Microsoft for 14 months, and just got an interview thanks to your resume.”

 “Wow!  I really see the difference!  Thank you!  Both the resume and cover letter articulate a ‘feel’ that I wanted to express in my resume, but simply wasn’t accomplishing.”

“I want to thank you for producing a beautiful, comprehensive presentation of my working career. Over the years I have seen my document transformed, but this one beats all.”

 “You hit it ON THE HEAD! Your knowledge of the IT industry as well as understanding of business issues blended with amazing word-smithing ability has produced a concise, well written, attractive resume that I am proud to present!  After seeing the results, I would have been willing to pay at least twice as much!”