Bio Samples


Neil Wilson is a versatile executive and client advocate with 14+ years
experience in established, startup, and on/offshore environments. He excels
at generating and maximizing revenue, creating effective Internet and
eCommerce distribution strategies, and delivering unparalleled customer
service. Neil’s unique and wide-ranging skill set has enabled him to
successfully contribute in a variety of roles, including revenue management,
professional services, project management, product management, and
account  management. His IT knowledge is rare at the executive level, and
has earned him recognition as a Subject Matter Expert in the software
development life cycle and a “go to” resource for sales teams.

Neil possesses broad expertise in the hotel and hospitality industry and holds
A.S. and B.S. degrees in hotel restaurant, sales, and meeting management. He
graduated from Hilton’s Revenue Management University and held key
leadership roles at IBS/Hotel Booking Solutions, Expotel Hospitality Services,, and Starwood Hotels & Resorts. In addition to directing
operations of a 4-star hotel (The Westin Riverwalk), Neil substantially
improved  profitability at The Pontchartrain Hotel and The Westin Stamford.
He has single-handedly managed service delivery for 20+ different hotel
chains and 40+ distribution channels, including Harrah’s Entertainment,
Sandals,Beaches Resorts, Expedia, and Travelocity.


Lisa Wilson is a valued and trusted business partner, with an instinct for knowing when to listen and when to contribute. She is enthusiastic, accessible, and full of great ideas! She works collaboratively with clients to achieve a common goal and has a unique ability to customize her approach to different personalities. Lisa has been described as “an employer’s dream … professional, yet genuinely personable, honest, tactful, and motivating.”

Lisa truly enjoys making connections and applies her expertise to identify ideal job matches through direct sourcing, cold calling, networking, social media, in-house databases, major career boards, and niche sites. She assumes complete control of all projects, with a positive, proactive attitude and an acute sense of urgency. At R.J. Reynolds, an FDA-regulated company, Lisa hired 30-40 diverse professionals 4 weeks ahead of schedule.

Lisa’s career has always involved customer service, client relations, sales, marketing, and promotion. She recruited top-performing sales professionals for several Fortune 500 companies and worked as an Account Executive where she exceeded quotas, managed key accounts, and built strong working relationships with 50+ organizations.

Lisa previously worked at Mercy Healthcare Partners, an FDA-regulated organization, for over 5 years. She partnered with doctors, nursing directors, and hospital administrators to create high-quality, seamless, and cost-effective strategies for patient care and communications.

A team player who always goes “above and beyond” to get the job done, Lisa takes on roles outside of her normal job duties and often provides support to other departments. On her own time, Lisa helped a photography business build brand recognition through midwife’s regional offices and establish credibility in the areas of pregnancy and infant photography.

Lisa lives in Toledo, Ohio, with her two daughters and is active in their schools as well as the community. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts with a minor in Social Science.


Neil Mason is a continuous improvement expert with a track record of leveraging Lean Manufacturing and Quality and Operational Excellence certifications to position businesses for sustained growth and competitive advantage. As a champion of change, he has implemented Lean Six Sigma concepts in several custom-engineered, made-to-order businesses, ranging from small companies to Fortune 100 firms, and is a noted speaker/author on Lean Six Sigma and Continual Improvement Body of Knowledge.
Neil held key positions of leadership in manufacturing, engineering, and aerospace with Parker Hannifin (10+ years) and GE Oil & Gas (6 years), including Product Line Manager, Project Manager, Chief Engineer, Compliance Officer, and VP of Total Quality Management.

While at Parker Hannafin, Neil built a productive relationship with Boeing that eliminated a 4-year-old bottleneck in product development and technology deployment projects and generated $5.5M in new business. He transformed the Hydraulic Systems Division from a reactive to a proactive culture and led the completion of five major Kaizen events within one year. These achievements positioned the division as the low cost producer of specialized aircraft components and led to successful sale of the company for $201M.

Neil excels at working with business leaders in different organizations to facilitate change and acceptance of new approaches. In 1997, Neil formed his own company to provide dynamic Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Continual Improvement solutions, principles, and tools to diverse clientele. He implemented strategies that doubled revenue for both the client and his company, eliminated waste in both transactional and production processes, and produced rapid improvements of 20-320% in throughput, inventory, quality, and set-up time metrics.

Neil gained substantial global experience managing cross-functional teams on large-scale projects in Australia, Nova Scotia, and three European countries. He is a strong team-builder and motivator who leads by example and improves productivity among management, professional, and union employees. Neil is active in his community, leading two technical/professional societies and serving on the Board of a non-profit.

In addition to holding a Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering) degree, Neil is a Certified Manager of Quality & Operational Excellence (CMQ/OE) and has completed specialized programs in Lean Manufacturing, Quality Leadership, Finance, and Accounting. He resides in California with his wife and three children.


Pamela Mason is an astute accounting professional with a reputation as a trusted advisor to individual clients, small businesses, and corporate executives. She excels in recommending high-impact yet low-risk solutions that help small businesses achieve profitability and individual clients reach their financial goals.

Among Pamela’s unique qualifications are 15+ years of work experience, including roles as a tax preparer at H&R Block and a Senior Financial Analyst at CNA Insurance. She holds an MBA in Finance/Statistics and QuickBooks Pro Advisor Certification. She will earn her CPA in 2011.

Pamela founded her own consulting firm in 2003 to provide clients with accounting, financial planning, tax preparation, and bookkeeping services. Business owners trust her implicitly to deliver expert advice, sound financial controls, and efficient financial reporting systems.

In the past year, Pamela acted as financial manager and advisor to the executive team of a boutique consulting and reseller business. She identified untapped revenue streams, handled all in-house accounting and financial reporting, and managed the owner’s personal portfolio with real estate and accounts in Canadian currency.

Pamela’s ability to deliver unparalleled customer service has resulted in retention of a real estate development client for 6 consecutive years. Pamela oversees all accounting functions for this firm, even running the office when the owner is out of town. She created a series of financial reports that are audited regularly, maintains accurate records on the entire investment portfolio, and prepares quarterly and annual tax records.

Pamela’s calm and compassionate demeanor has enabled her to be successful in working with individual clients in stressful periods of life, including widows, divorcees, retirees, senior citizens, health challenges, and families put into sudden shock.

With a talent for communicating complex financial concepts to diverse audiences, Pamela is a sought-after speaker at organizations such as Rotary Club. She has a flair for educating people on improving their financial situation, getting ahead in today’s economy, and making sense of the confusing information in the media. One of her most popular lectures offers people a simple 7-step program to save money, get organized, and plan for the future, no matter where they are starting from.

Giving back to the community has always been an important part of Pamela’s life. In addition to serving as Treasurer at her church, she has played a key role in raising funds and acquiring sponsors for local and national charities as well as her alma mater, the University of Chicago.